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I am Blangelika, a Reiki Master and Motivational Life Coach.

Founder of I AM MY BIGGEST FAN brand, and store owner of Blangelika's Boutique, who found passion, purpose, and calling in guiding others toward happiness and fulfillment.

Through my self-discovery journey of holistic healing and Reiki practices, I discovered Personal Transformation To Happiness. 

I have a passion for helping individuals who are ready to navigate their paths to happiness, emphasizing the importance of self-care, self-love, and authenticity to happiness with a holistic approach.


"Be Your Kind Of Happy" is not just a slogan, but to embrace every individual to be their biggest fan. 

My purpose is to share this love and happiness for you, for me, and us.


With Love,​



Be Your Kind Of Happy 
Start Your Personal Transformation To Happiness


In this webinar we will cover

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